November 8, 2008: T-Bone

At the mega port of Singapore on Feb 27,2003 just after midnight the Gas Roman loaded with 44,000 cubic meters of natural gas T-boned the Springbo loaded with 4,000 cubic meters of sawn timber. The Gas Roman cut fully halfway thru the Springbo. The two ship were so tightly joined that they weren't in emanate danger of sinking. If the Gas Roman were to back out, the Springbo would rapidly fill with water and capsize in moments.

What to do?

The crews were evacuated and salvage was contracted. The ships were tethered to prevent accidental separation. Stevedores removed all accessible lumber from the Springbo via a barge. Steel was brought in and a sea wall was constructed around the gaping wound inside the Springbo. Internal fuel leaks that were leaking into the hole were repaired by divers.

On the afternoon of March 2nd the two ships were separated successfully with no sea contamination.