8 sec boot time!!!! Srsly?




All in all it has been a busy few days for ASUS. Not only have they wowed fans across the world by releasing no less than three new notebooks (the N20A, the N50V, and the N80V) all at the same time, but all three of them are pretty impressive as well.

One thing that is immediately apparent is that the ASUS N80V is a pretty sleek machine. It is therefore sure to appeal to the fashion conscious and those customers for whom style is a top requirement.

However, it also has some pretty impressive features to boast about to back up the design. ASUS Express Gate is once again being employed by the ASUS technicians, which provides the user with a boot-up time of an incredible eight seconds. That hardly gives you time to make a cup of tea (or in my case have a shower, eat breakfast, and clean my teeth), and will be a fantastic feature for any business exec who does not want to waste any time while the computer is setting up.

The ASUS N80V is also one secure machine. Not only can you use your own unique key card in the shape of your fingerprint to get access to the notebook, but it also comes with facial recognition technology, meaning if anything goes wrong on your computer the suspects are limited to either yourself or your twin sibling.

The ASUS N80V also comes with Intel power and supports a standalone NVIDIA GeForce 9 Series graphics card with up to 1GB of VRAM. On top of that, it comes with a 320GB HDD, Bluetooth, Wireless, a 1.3 Mega Pixel Web camera, and a DVD Burner / Blu-ray Drive. All in all, a pretty impressive machine from the ASUS team.