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So i've decided that my most favorite movie car evar is the silver Lotus Esprit from Pretty Woman. It seemed like that might be a pretty good topic to break into this blog thing. Random. Yes. But i have sat here for about 15 min trying to think what to write about.

I should probably have done an about me post for my first entry but i think my friends that may be reading this know enough about me. Its pretty boring anyway.

The Lotus Esprit however, is very exciting. I remember being like 12, watching Pretty Woman, thinking that Lotus was like the epitomy of all things sexxxy. Then for the next 10 years i didnt really think about it at all. One day i was driving around Springfield and guess wtf pulls up next to me. I could hear it coming from what seemed a mile away. And when the light turned green i heard it pull away from me for another mile. I couldn't talk for atleast 10 minutes. I didn't want to hear any noise other than the harmonic, angelic like growl coming from that Esprit.

I read that Porsche and Ferrari both turned down offers to have their cars in the movie because they didn't want to promote prostitution. So i want to say thanks to Lotus, Richard Gere, and all the whores in the world! <3>

Oh hai!

Ur not supposd 2 be hear yet!

i wuz bord and kreatd blog
but i dun knoe wut i wants 2
post hear yet so come bak
whn thar iz moar 2 look at!

oh sry, thar seems to be lol
catz in mah sistem..