10 Things I Wish I Knew In High School


1. Math is important
I did not like math in high school. I earned decent grades, but never took the time to actually understand it. I wish someone would have told me how important learning algebra is and that if you take the time to learn it, you may not have to retake your college calculus class three times.

2. Popularity doesn’t affect your future
Actually, even if someone told me this in high school, I don’t think I would have believed them. Popularity is a matter of opinion anyway, and even the most popular kids may not have any real friends. It is much more important to look for quality of friends rather than quantity of friends.

3. Boys know that you eat
When you go to school dances or on a date with a boy, make sure you eat. You are alive and kicking, so they know that you consume food and eating your dinner won’t make you look fat. Also, you can stray from the salad menu every once in a while.

4. Respect your parents
Your parents may not be with the times, but they usually have your best interest in mind. Plus, they have been there before, so they have an idea of what you are going through. If you don’t like their rules, tell them why, but don’t break them just to prove a point. Getting grounded for the weekend only punishes you.

5. Don’t get involved with gossip
Seriously, stay out of all forms of gossip, rumors or spiteful venting - this will all come back to haunt you. Staying out of this will keep you from being the topic of discussion and will save a lot of friendships.

6. You probably won’t marry your high school boyfriend
This seems pretty obvious, but everything can seem so serious in high school. Don’t sweat the small things and just have fun with dating. Although a couple of my friends actually did marry quality guys they dated in high school, it isn’t all that common.

7. If you want to join the science club, then join the science club
Joining a “dorky” club will not ruin your reputation. It may take time away from socializing with your friends, but you will also make new friends and joining clubs looks good on college applications.

8. Don’t waste time being shy
I was really shy my freshman year and missed out on things because of it. People like when you share your thoughts and add to a conversation. If you are shy, try putting yourself out of your comfort zone, like trying a new sport, running for class office or taking a debate class.

9. Take driving school seriously
It is not cool to fail your written test and almost get a traffic violation during your driving test. When they give you the little booklet to read, you need to actually read it. Also, when you go to driving school classes, they are not nap times; you actually need to pay attention.

10. Keep in touch with good friends
Once you graduate from high school, be sure to keep in touch with good friends. There is nothing greater than getting together years later and laughing at stupid things you did together when you were teenagers.