26 Ways to Update Twitter


twitter logoThere are countless ways to update Twitter these days, so I’ve tried to round up as many of the ways to update as possible. I’m sure I’ll miss a few so make sure to keep me informed by letting me know in the comments. Also, make sure follow me, LostInTech, on Twitter.

Desktop Clients

Twhirl - Twhirl is probably the most popular desktop client. It also supports TwitPic, TweetScan, FriendFeed and cross posting to Pownce and Jaiku.

Spaz - Desktop client for Mac, Windows and Linux

Tweetr - Allows you to send files to other Tweeters. It also has a built in webcam feature.

Alert Thingy - Keeps you updated on FriendFeed and Twitter. Allows you to easy upload pictures to Flickr.

TweetDeck - Better organize your Twitter friends with a great built in group feature.

Twitteroo - Displays updates without pictures (for better or worse).

Witty - Open source client for Vista and XP

bTT - Non-Adobe AIR based desktop client.

Twitterlicious - Minimalist desktop client.

Snitter - Customizable desktop client for Mac and Windows.

Feedalizr - Post to FriendFeed, Twitter, Jaiku and Flickr with this desktop client.

Posty - Has support for several microblogging services

Firefox Plugins

twitbin - Creates a sidebar for Firefox to keep you updated.

TwitterBar - Post updates from your address bar.

TwitterFox - Puts an icon on your bottom bar that gives you notifications and allows you to update.

Firefox Search Plugin - Post updates from your search bar.

TwittyTunes - Show people what you are listening to.

Online Services

Twitterfeed - Update Twitter with new posts from your blog.

Brightkite - Brightkite updates can be synced to update Twitter as well.

Twitio.us - Twitter + Del.icio.us

Twitthat - Bookmarklet that lets you Twit about the web pages you are viewing.

HelloTxt - Update all your services in one place

Ping.fm - Updates multiple mircoblogging services

PingTwitter - Send updates when your blog updates

Socialthing! - Lifestream plus ability to update.

Sendible - Organize your online life.