15 Interesting Gadgets


I know it is easy to get bored of having the same old stuff in your house. When you first move in to your house everything feels new and exciting, but after a while you become blind to the stuff in your house and nothing seems to stand out anymore.

Well today we have put together a list of 15 gadgets to spice up your home, and give you something new to be excited about again.

1. The Plasma Screen Fireplace

The ‘Beachcomber’ Plasma TV Fireplace is the name and it does just what is appears. It is a real fireplace with an LCD display connected. And when the TV is not in use it slides away right behind the fireplace at the push of a button. You’re friends will definitely have something nice to say when you nonchalantly hit a button and your TV disappears.

2. The Anywhere Steam Sauna

Now this is a must have gadget. Steam in the comfort of your own home, office or wherever you can take it. It’s not LA Fitness, but I like my backyard better anyway.

3. Panasonic’s Connected Home System

We all have seen the computerized home but nothing comes close to Iron Man’s house. Panasonic is working on the connected-home system that will do practically everything except brush your teeth. It even helps you lose weight.

4. The Magic Mirror Alarm Unit

This Magic Mirror will definitely turn heads when people walk in your house. With over 100 different things it says, you will never be lonely. It is also an alarm system.

5. Spice Gun

Cooking can be fun but this gadget makes it better. Seasoning your food will never be the same; introducing the spice gun. Just pack the spices you wish to use and fire away. Just be careful not to shoot yourself in the eye.

6. The Wall-mounted Digital Jukebox

The ultimate edition to any gaming room is this cool digital wall mounted Jukebox. It can sync to your computer providing you with endless options and gives you nice visualizations to brighten up the fact you are losing at FIFA.

7. The Taste DJ kitchen Table

This beautifully designed table has a dual stove countertop, a sink, and a built in multimedia computer setup. This smart table will help you spice up your favorite recipes, or find recipes online. Now if it could just feed you.

8. The Watermill Water Maker

The Watermill is a dehumidifier that actually uses water out of the air and purifies it to drinking quality. Since inside air is 70% more polluted, this gadget goes outside and can pump out 12 liters a day.

9. Compact Eco-friendly Fridge

With the whole eco-friendly phase that the whole is going through it makes sense to make conservative changes where we can. This eco-fridge doesn’t use harmful HFC’s like standard fridges so it is safe for the ozone layer. The drawers of the fridge are cooled by magnetic refrigeration, water, and ceramic materials and can sufficiently store fruits, vegetables and bread, among other standard foodstuffs.

10. The Sleep Assistant

This little device helps all us insomniacs snooze a little easier. It is actually cool because it beams a little blue light that synchronizes with your breathing and eventually slows down your breathing thus making you pass out. I don’t know about anyone else but I can really use this.

11. The Belkin Mixer

This Belkin Mixer is the first of its kind providing a 4 channel high quality digital recording straight on to your ipod. Podcasters can also use this device to record their shows either in a studio or on location. So whether you’re flowing with the boys or making the band this Mixer is a great accessory to your Interesting home.

12. Somfy Alarm System with Walkie Talkie

This alarm system is for people who believe in more advanced and useful technologies for security purpose. There are 3 walkie talkies incorporated with Somfy in order to turn a simple alarm system into an intercom for the house. This stylish project is equipped with all important devices required to protect your house from any kind of malfunction.

13. Six Part Toaster

Tired of settling for two slices of toast at a time? Well this gadget provides up to six slices, rotating and heating them in single compartments. The compartments lift from the main assembly and swing open to allow toast to keep warm and crisp on its hot plates. The toaster is ideal for homeowners that are inspired by contemporary touches in their living space, making an inspiring centerpiece to at the dinner table.

14. Shower Note Tablet

This nifty waterproof notepad is useful for when ideas come to you while you are washing yourself. It comes with waterproof crayons, and attaches to your bathroom wall by means of suction cups.

15. Natural Air Cleaner

These “Vertical Living Walls” are truly natural air cleaners, and are designed to filter dirty air while at the same time looking good. Different types of plants can be used on this wall, and there is an LED light to create a more relaxing environment. With the help of retractable wheels, the vertical living wall can be easily moved anywhere in the house. Now you do not need to visit a garden to get fresh air because you are getting it inside your home.