I wrote about a few days ago but I found and it's a great site for anyone seeking design related jobs. Jobs in the design field, whether home design ot graphic design or some other type of design, arent usually found listed in newspapers or other job publications. Word of mouth has always been the best tool in finding design jobs but now with you can get listings that arent advertised anywhere else for any design job you could imagine. They do charge to be a member of their site but right now they are giving away free 7 day trials to anyone looking for a design job and wants to check out the site further. With all the jobs they list 7 days might just be anough to find a great job. The site is really user firendly and doesnt include any banner ads or spam jobs that your are required to pay for in order to apply. I have found that to be a big problem with public job boards. You read a description that sounds amazing only to find out they want you to pay 100 dollars to even apply for the job. For supposed job information or something like that. With the only fee you will ever pay is to for your membership and thats all. It's been a great site for me so far so i'm sure you will have great luck with it as well. You just have to sign up for the free trial to get started. Theres nothing to lose and everything to gain. You wont see these jobs listed anywhere else since they come directly from employer websites and are unadvertised. Im signing up, how great would it be to find a job in a field i love. Not just a job but a career. And if designing isnt necessarily your thing you can go to to search jobs in a ton of other fields. ANy field you could think of they list and have a ton of sites specialized to the most popular job searches and they are all just as great as and they all have 7 day free trial specials going on right now too. If you try it out and find its not for you there is no obligation to continue the service so how much better can it get. No ads, great listings, free trial, seriously there is nothing to lose and in this economy any resource you can have at hand for job or career searching jus makes life that much easier.